Permission Granted, Trainwreck.

Life is but, alas, an endless series of trainwrecks with brief commercial breaks of happiness. But isn’t THAT what makes it worth living? 

Kinda cool if ya think about it.

Imagine how ho-hum  it would be to wake up each day in the City of Light with none of those signature stories about:

  • The time you thought you were killin the mom thing then realized you texted your child’s kindergarten teacher saying, “My child got dick on Sunday, and still isn’t feeling well so she won’t be back to school yet” 🤦‍♀️*Damn you autocorrect*

  • The time you got stitches because you drank too much and thought it would be a great idea to run naked through a briar patch with a ninja sword screaming total He-Man style “I’ve got the power”!

  • The time your high school sweetheart dumped you for Chelsea Cheerleader and ended up getting her pregnant instead. 😏

  • The time you spent your entire savings on a Cancun beach trip and had to survive on ramen noodles for six months.

  • The time you got those 12 Columbia Records CDs  in the mail and realized someone had to pay for them.

Our trainwreck narratives are what make us who we are. The experiences, the lessons learned, the moments of sadness that led to the years of memories. So allow yourself to feel, and never regret the instances of heartache, grief, embarrassment, or fear. 

It’s okay if… you’re barely keeping your head above water.

It’s okay if… you don’t know where to start.

It’s okay if… you quit something you started that wasn’t a fit.

It’s okay if… occasionally your values don’t align with your actions.

It’s okay if… you put your foot in your mouth..

It’s okay if… you really fuck shit up the first time.

It’s okay if… you fuck up again in round two.

It’s okay if… you feel buried by pressure.

It’s okay if… you want to crawl up in the fetal position and cry.

It’s okay if… you feel like a phony.

It’s okay if… you don’t feel sure of yourself today.

It’s okay if… you wonder whether people think you’re a joke.

It’s okay if… you question what you are bringing to the table.

It’s okay if… you spent the weekend on Netflix & Chill.

It’s okay if… you feel like a 1-star shitshow at times.

It’s okay if… your shitshow impacts others at times.

It’s okay if… you haven’t peaked.

It’s okay if… you don’t even know where the peak is.

It’s okay if… you kinda envy people who seem to have it all.

It’s okay if… you occasionally think they’re full of shit too.

It’s okay if… you didn’t answer the group text about the girls’ trip.

It’s okay if… you just don’t fucking feel very lifey today.

It’s okay if… you have no clue what comes next.

It’s okay if… you doubt your decision.

It’s okay if… you LITERALLY couldn’t find the time to finish something.

It’s okay if…you want to do it differently.

Ignore the nagging shrews of society because none of this rigamarole matters because you’re trying harder.

Give yourself permission to fail, to utterly fuck up, to be human. Because it’s a long ass journey of ups, downs, what-ifs, and coulda beens.

And, I’m here to tell ya… Trainwreck, this ain’t your station.

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