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meet amiee ball.

Amiee Ball knows TRUST. As a Mom, Writer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience guiding more than 10,000 business owners, executives, and Fortune 500 companies, Amiee's learned how to build, sustain, and turn TRUST into GROWTH.

She's fine-tuned the art of turning chaos into creative success both professionally and personally.

Specializing in ways to elevate trust, Amiee is guiding professionals around the globe to find their authentic voice and use it to create trust and build connections with the people who matter most.

From her unique consulting style to how she leverages software for clients at her company, JAB Consulting Group, Amiee is known for diving into the 'whys' of decision-making, Amiee's methods are far from one-size-fits-all solutions as she guides entrepreneurs and executives through tailor-made strategies that boost profits and enrich relationships with teams and clients.

From Main Street to Wall Street, Amiee's transforming businesses and lives into authentic, trusted authorities.

Amiee... be honest.
why are you Hosting skeletons from the closet?

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

Everything worth getting is on the other side of something difficult, and navigating the labyrinth of life is no exception. I've been there.

That's why I'm collecting wisdom from the darkest corners of business and life to break down the barriers true success stories hidden. With 'Skeletons from the Closet,' you're not just tuning in, you're leveling up.

I'm offering you the secrets to trust, resilience, and growth... the same secrets that powerhouses and entrepreneurs swear by... yet rarely share.
Consider this the Harvard of life’s hard knocks. The real deal. I've got a melting pot of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and, 'been-there-done-that' everyday heroes who spill the tea on their darkest, most delicious secrets to guide you to success.

Alongside our guests, I'm serving more than confessions; look out for next-level success hacks on everything from embarrassment to enlightenment from real-world humans that you can ACTUALLY use. You're part of an elite club that's crushing taboos and trading shame for game!

Should you listen? HELL YES. But only if you’re ready to go from a listener to a legend. Skeletons from the Closet will give you the tools and advice to turn your skeletons into success... See ya there ;)